Forza has three levels of involvement –
* Competitive dragon boat paddling
* Recreational paddling for fitness and fun in both dragon boats and kayaks
* Non-Paddling – social members and volunteers

This involves a commitment to representing the Club in the State’s Grand Prix competition against other WA clubs.

Paddlers are expected to undertake goal orientated training with a focus on continuous improvement, technique, teamwork and discipline.

The goal at the end of the season is to win the State Championship, with the added potential to compete interstate and overseas.

There are three distinct phases of training for competition paddling –
PHASE ONE – Base Conditioning training – lower intensity, longer time frame work to improve technique, condition muscles, heart and lungs etc;
PHASE TWO – Power Phase – Turning the base conditioning and strength into power; and
PHASE THREE – Anaerobic Phase – Intensive work at high rate.

Forza is actively seeking to support people who wish to paddle in a non-competitive environment with a view towards –
1. General fitness and well-being;
2. Having fun;
3. Joining in social activities; and
4. Aiding future transition to competitive paddling for those who are interested.

This Group are non-racing members of the Club, and will be assisted and trained by Forza but there is no pressure on participants to –
1. Obtain and maintain a certain level of fitness;
2. To compete competitively; or
3. Hold or undertake any official roles within the Club.

The group has been formed with a view of allowing people to experience the enjoyment of paddling, being a member of a club, socialising and having fun. Depending upon numbers, non-racing members may have to paddle with racing crews at training but this is a great way to learn.

Forza also has a group of people who paddle kayaks non-competitively, undertaking inlet, ocean and river paddles on a ad hoc basis. Non-racing members are welcome to join in, and we may even be able to provide a kayak for the day if you do not have one.

The club is seeking people to assist with non-paddling functions like –
1. Social functions;
2. Transporting gear and people;
3. Helping to record training or racing results;
4. Taking photographs or video;
5. Undertaking boat or equipment repairs and maintenance;
6. Organising events and functions;
7. Assisting with running a dragon boat regatta;
8. Undertake volunteer roles within the Club; and
9. Many more rewarding roles within the club….